Don't Ballardize Bellingham

Ballard is a neighborhood in Seattle where development on steroids overran blocks of housing, demolishing single-family homes with over-sized high-rise condos and apartment complexes. Zoning codes were changed, elected officials and planners pushed for “higher value” uses of land, and blocks of historic single-family homes were bulldozed.

Despite the nonstop construction of rental units between 2010 and 2015, Seattle saw the fastest rise in rents of any place in the U.S.  So much for added supply lowering prices. More and bigger construction, increasing housing prices, gentrification, homelessness, and a lower quality of life is what they got.

Here in Bellingham we want to learn from the Ballard experience.
We have adopted the slogan, “Don’t Ballardize Bellingham” to create awareness and activate a neighborhood-based movement.

Keep Bellingham Livable!